Ah.. a few changes around here

Yeah, there are a few changes around Unserious.org: E-mail hosting has been changed to Google Mail Webmail services have been sunsetted — a CNAME address has been added for webmail.unserious.org. Discontinuing the support for Unserious CMS v1 and v2 — Download links were broken a few months back anyways. Discontinuing support for Unserious CMS v3 […]

Oh what fun this time of year is.

Finals coming up, projects due, research paper for Chem due. Don’t expect any updates to Uns3 for the next few weeks, as i try to get Comperio sorted out, among other things. I’ll try and take screenshots of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS B1 in the next few days; on top of that, i will be setting […]