Ah.. a few changes around here

Yeah, there are a few changes around Unserious.org: E-mail hosting has been changed to Google Mail Webmail services have been sunsetted — a CNAME address has been added for webmail.unserious.org. Discontinuing the support for Unserious CMS v1 and v2 — Download links were broken a few months back anyways. Discontinuing support for Unserious CMS v3 […]

Server Maintenance: 5/30/2012

I am announcing server maintenance for Wednesday, May the 30th 2012.  This will be a maintenance to address several issues/concerns/software upgrades including upgrading the CalInq software to handle the newest version of the Drinqer application.  At this time, the current window for this is around 1 hour, and will begin at around or close to […]

Maintenance Notice from VPS Provider for Friday, March 2nd

I have just received word that there will be a Maintenance in the datacenter that my servers are located in. They suspect there will be NO downtime, and there will be brief periods of high latency. What this means is that all services hosted on my machines could potentially go down at any time, and […]

Server Maintenance Notice – January 2nd, 2012

There will be a brief sever maintenance on Monday, Jan. 2nd 2012 to try and address a CPU Usage issue.  The server maintenance will begin at 6 AM/EST and will last until 8 AM/EST.  The following services will be affected: All websites (veritas2.com, unserious.org) IRC servers and services Calorie Inquiry/Drinqer Global DB Update services During […]

Maintenance – Cal Inq

In order to prepare to switch back to the Production DB (no worries, any entries you submitted will be synced with the Production), i am taking down Apache at around 10pm/est tonight. Once i bring the web server backup, v1.03 and lower of Calorie Inquiry will cease to function (the app will crash). This is […]

Cal Inq v1.04 Release

Calorie Inquiry v1.04 has been released to the Android Market with the following changes/fixes: Improved Search Algorithm – Searching for “Bud” will return “Budweiser” now Adds Calorie/Carb Tracker Ships with a new DB with lots of new Entries Updates to the core SQLite Database Full changelog can be found here

Maintenance Notice for MrSaturn/Veritas

I am announcing today that there will be 2 separate server maintenance this weekend. Nov. 4th 2011 at around 10pm, MrSaturn will be going offline for a OS upgrade.  I will be upgrading from Ubuntu LTS 08.04 to 10.10 LTS.  The upgrade SHOULD only take around 30 minutes to an hour depending on how fast the software […]

Server Maintenance Notice for Veritas.*/Mrsaturn.* and a Notice about CalInq

I am planning to do server maintenance on either monday or tuesday of next week.  The maintenance is to change some MySQL DB settings in preparation for a new service.  The following services WILL BE AFFECTED: Web (all sites hosted on veritas/mrsaturn; i am blocking access to Apache except for a few ips) Mail (you […]

Privacy and Calorie Inquiry

First, let’s cover Calorie Inquiry.  I was made aware of several issues last night as I was drinking, and felt that it was only right that I disclose this information to the general public.  First of all, Calorie Inquiry *IS* safe to use, and won’t mess up your phone any more than any other program.  […]