Ah.. a few changes around here

Yeah, there are a few changes around Unserious.org:

  • E-mail hosting has been changed to Google Mail
    • Webmail services have been sunsetted — a CNAME address has been added for webmail.unserious.org.
  • Discontinuing the support for Unserious CMS v1 and v2 — Download links were broken a few months back anyways.
  • Discontinuing support for Unserious CMS v3 “Blackbox” — I haven’t worked on it in a  LONG time and so it’s being discontinued with no way of downloading it.
  • I want to make sure that everyone knows that by using an Unserious service (such as using this website or using Drinqer) that you are bound by the policy at http://unserious.org/privacy-policy.  This is a UNIFIED policy across my domains / websites, this is not limited to Brandons’ Bytes and Veritas Squared (veritas2.com)

We are about to make a HUGE change to our server setup and there WILL issues ahead.  I am dearly sorry for these issues but they must be done in order to keep the site running smoothly.

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