Quick Change

This morning, i decided to take down the MySQL server on veritas.* and move everything to mrsaturn.* in order to reduce overhead. (It was stupid to have 2 database servers running, and have one of them COMPLETELY serve the mail only.) Everything SHOULD BE up and running correctly on the new DB server. I am hoping this will reduce overhead on Veritas.* (though it was hardly ever maxed out). Another change is that i moved the MySQL server OFF of the public ip for MrSaturn.*, and moved it onto the servers networked ip. Everything seems to be responding well to that change. So now i am asking everyone who reads this blog, uses my servers, etc to report any issues with ANY service to me immediately.

Also, one last change: Hotmail.com is now added to my mail servers “autoclassify as spam” list. This is due to Hotmail being a HOT SPOT for spam/virus emails. However, this will NOT affect Windows Live users (meaning any user with a @live.com email); though this could change in the future, and if it does occur, i will post here.

Well, that’s all for now.

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