Quick Comperio Update

Well, Comperio is coming along nicely.. still no Discussion working, but that should come this week. Assignments: 90% Complete Discussion: 50% Complete Grade system: 98% Complete Files System: 10% Complete Admin System: 10% Complete Teacher Portions: 70% Complete Signs saying you should go to sleep but cant: Causing an Infinite loop .. 4 times in […]

Oh what fun this time of year is.

Finals coming up, projects due, research paper for Chem due. Don’t expect any updates to Uns3 for the next few weeks, as i try to get Comperio sorted out, among other things. I’ll try and take screenshots of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS B1 in the next few days; on top of that, i will be setting […]

Comperio Status, and Unserious3

Comperio: Assignments system is almost completely ready (at least, for project presentation — a few more tweaks, fixes, and additions are needed). The assignments will be live in a few minutes on the capstone website. Unserious3: Unserious v3 (Blackbox) will be uploaded later on today to the link in the previous post. I think that’s […]

My first post

Well, i had decided since i setup wordpress to start doing a little blogging here and there, and hopefully bring some traffic into this website. So far, this week has been fairly challenging with the pollen going into full effect. On the other hand, i have managed to get some of the Comperio work done, […]