Ah.. a few changes around here

Yeah, there are a few changes around Unserious.org: E-mail hosting has been changed to Google Mail Webmail services have been sunsetted — a CNAME address has been added for webmail.unserious.org. Discontinuing the support for Unserious CMS v1 and v2 — Download links were broken a few months back anyways. Discontinuing support for Unserious CMS v3 […]

Server Maintenance: 5/30/2012

I am announcing server maintenance for Wednesday, May the 30th 2012.  This will be a maintenance to address several issues/concerns/software upgrades including upgrading the CalInq software to handle the newest version of the Drinqer application.  At this time, the current window for this is around 1 hour, and will begin at around or close to […]

Maintenance Notice from VPS Provider for Friday, March 2nd

I have just received word that there will be a Maintenance in the datacenter that my servers are located in. They suspect there will be NO downtime, and there will be brief periods of high latency. What this means is that all services hosted on my machines could potentially go down at any time, and […]

Site Maintenance Notice – 2/3/2012

I will be taking down this website (www.unserious.org) for site maintenance.  It will be mainly to enable Multi-user on WordPress.  No other sites will be affected by this downtime.  If during this maintenance, any software related to this site needs to be updated it will be done. Thanks and sorry for the trouble this causes